Great Date Guide; Having A Great Date In Aberdeen

Great Date Guide; Having A Great Date In Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a wonderful city that is filled with fine dining, culture, unique venues and beautiful parks. If you are planning a date in Aberdeen and you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry; we have compiled a list of the best date venues in Aberdeen.


1. Books and Beans On Belmont Street

Books and Beans is a fun second hand book and coffee shop, and the comfortable seating makes it the perfect location for an alcohol-free date. Head upstairs to find wall to wall old books and giant leather armchairs that are perfect for relaxing – and if you want, you and your date can even share a plate of tasty, sweet pancakes.


2. Cocoa Ooze On Belmont Street

Belmont Street is also home to Cocoa Oooze, a wonderful café that is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. The café specialises in chocolate, so you can grab a delicious hot chocolate, or you can even attend their chocolate making workshop if you fancy a date that is a little different.


3. Josephine’s Restaurant On Holburn Street

Josephine’s Restaurant is a wonderful little restaurant that is quiet and cosy. The service is wonderful, the food is delicious, and you can bring your own booze so this is a fairly affordable date.


4. Duthie Park On The River Dee

Stroll along the River Dee with your crush and feed the ducks while enjoying the stunning views. You can even bring a picnic to eat on the grassy banks if you want!


5. Musa On Exchange Street

If you and your date want to do something that is a little more formal, take your date to Musa. Musa is a breath-taking restaurant, music venue and art gallery that is based in a 19th century church. The menu combines traditional Scottish food with modern recipes, so you and your date are sure to find #something that you like.

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