Funny Myths Americans Believe About Britain

Funny Myths Americans Believe About Britain

Britain and America have always been known to have a special connection. The cultures are similar, the language is the same and generally the countries get along – but despite this, there are still some funny myths Americans believe about Britain and British people.

After all, every country comes with a set of stereotypes, and Britain is no different. But if you want to impress your British crush, you may want to avoid bringing up any of these inaccurate myths!

Here are seven funny myths Americans believe about Britain.


1. Funny Myths Americans Believe About Britain: British People Are Unfriendly And Reserved

It is a common stereotype that British people are unfriendly and reserved, but in reality this isn’t the case at all. British people are generally very warm and welcoming, and they are well known for their witty, self-deprecating sense of humor. Sure, British people may be a little quieter than Americans, but they are still very friendly and kind!


2. A Significant Chunk Of Brits Know The Queen

The Queen may be known for hosting yearly garden parties that certain members of the public are invited to, but this doesn’t mean most British people have met the Queen. Just like most royal families, the Queen lives a fairly remote, secluded life away from the public (although it would be cool to meet her!).


3. British Food Is Bad

British food is often seen as unpleasant by other cultures; wartime ration culture and strange dishes (such as spotted dick) made British food seem sparse, bland and a little strange – but in reality the food is delicious! There are hundreds of world class chefs running restaurants in Britain, and there is also a selection of Michelin star restaurants dotted around the country. There are also thousands of high quality cafes, bars and delis to check out!


4. British People All Have The Same Accent

Lots of people outside of the UK assume that all British people have the same accent; normally a posh Southern accent (think Downtown Abbey), or a cockney accent (think Peaky Blinders). In reality there are hundreds of accents in the UK, from the strong Northern accent to the classic Geordie accent. If you are interested in hearing more varied British accents, check out this video!


5. It Constantly Rains

The UK has a maritime climate, so it definitely rains frequently – but it certainly doesn’t rain every day. In fact, some weeks without any rainfall at all! If you want to visit the UK and you want to avoid the rain, we suggest visiting during the summer months.


6. British People Have Bad Teeth

One of the most common (and inaccurate) stereotypes about Britain is that British people have bad teeth. This may have been true in the past, but now American-style dentistry is very popular in the UK. It is standard for children to be fitted with braces, and millions of adults wear Invisalign or retainers. So if you visit Britain, you may be pleasantly shocked by the faces smiling back at you!


7. British People Don’t Like Americans

Finally some people believe that British people don’t like Americans. While this may be true for some individuals, generally British people embrace American culture. They love American television, music and fashion, but that isn’t all; many British men also appreciate classic American cars. So if you are an American women who wants to date a British man, don’t let the cultural differences put you off!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson