First Date Tips For People Who Don’t Drink

First Date Tips For People Who Don’t Drink

A recent study found that over 70% of online daters drink alcohol, which means that the vast majority of singles online enjoy a drink. This can make dating a challenging for the non-drinkers, especially when most first dates take place in a bar or a restaurant.

If you don’t drink, it is possible that you are worried about first dates – but dating doesn’t have to be difficult for you. You can have a great time meeting new people, and you don’t have to limit yourself to only dating other non-drinkers.

Here are five first date tips for people who don’t drink.


1. Tell Your Date Beforehand

You should let your date know beforehand that you don’t drink. This is because dating is all about compatibility, and while most people won’t mind if you drink or not, for some people being a non-drinker is a deal breaker. So be upfront and honest, and you are much more likely to find someone who truly respects your decisions to not drink.


2. Think About What You Want

You should decide beforehand if you are happy to date someone who drinks. If you prefer the idea of dating someone who doesn’t drink either, then stick to dating other non-drinkers.


3. Don’t Let It Define You

Feel free to let your date know about why you don’t drink, but if you don’t want to tell them you don’t have to. It is also important to not let it define you; you are a complex person with lots of thoughts and opinions, and one single decision about drinking doesn’t define your life.


4. Pick Three Locations And Let Your Date Choose One

If your date drinks and you don’t, it can be useful to pick three date locations and then let your date choose one. This gives your date more information about your personality, and it means that you will both be happy with the chosen date location.


5. Consider A Physical Date

It can be useful to suggest physical date ideas such as going for a walk in the park, or hiking together. This will give you something fun to do together, and it means that you won’t be surrounded by other couples who are drinking.

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