Everything You Need To Know About Phone Call Dating Etiquette

Everything You Need To Know About Phone Call Dating Etiquette

Phone calls were once a huge part of dating culture, but now texting and messaging have taken over. Most people seem to prefer to text their crush, and some people even have a phobia of speaking on the phone.

This can be pretty frustrating if you love to speak on the phone – but thankfully there are ways around this problem. If you are dating someone and you want to give them a call to get to know them, here are a few tips to help you.


1. Ask Before You Ring

As most people prefer texting you should ask your crush if they are free to speak on the phone first. After all, they may not want to speak yet, especially if you have only been messaging for a day or two, or they may be too busy to speak on the phone that day. So send your crush a message to see if they are free to chat first, and if they aren’t free to chat don’t pressure them. The first phone call can take a while, but if you keep chatting your crush will warm to the idea.


2. Keep It Short To Start With

Keep it short and sweet if it is the first phone call and the other person seems shy or nervous. This means that they won’t feel pressured to stay on the phone, so they are more likely to be open to the idea of another phone call in the future.

Of course this isn’t a problem if the other person seems talkative and happy; if that is the case, stay on the phone for as long as you like!


3. Don’t Force It If The Other Person Doesn’t Like Phone Calls

Don’t force a second phone call if you speak on the phone and the other person seems nervous or quiet – especially if the other person still seems friendly and responsive when they are texting. This probably means that they like you and they want to keep getting to know you, but they just don’t like speaking on the phone. So don’t push it, and instead consider other options; maybe they would prefer to Skype or send voice notes.


4. Pick A Time That Works For Both Of You

It is important to pick a time that works for both of you, especially if you are hoping for a long chat. This is especially true if you are both busy people, or if you live in different time zones – so make sure you schedule a time that works for both of you beforehand!


5. Don’t Look Down On Texting

Some people dislike texting because they think it is slow and inefficient, but if you are dating someone who likes to text you should try to be open minded. After all, both texting and phone calls have their downsides! Your crush is also more likely to be open to speaking on the phone if you are open to texting.

The rules of dating may have changed, but that doesn’t mean phone calls are over. Use these tips to have a great conversation with your crush on the phone!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson