Emma Watson’s Lessons on Love

Emma Watson’s Lessons on Love


Emma Watson is one of our favorite British celebrities; not only is she an extremely talented actress and model, she also has a degree from Brown university and is a dedicated activist for women’s rights. We wonder how one woman can achieve so much!

Unlike many celebrities, Emma hasn’t had a scandalous love life, and she really seems to have her head screwed on. In honor of her 26th birthday we will be looking at some of Emma’s most famous quotes about love and the lessons we can learn from her.


“It’s difficult on my dating life, because anyone I get photographed with is automatically my boyfriend. So it just makes it look as if I’ve had, like, 6,000 boyfriends!”

Dating is difficult anyway, without the whole world wanting to know the ins and outs of your love life. However, it isn’t just celebrities that have to deal with gossip – we all know people who like to jump to conclusions and voice their opinions on other’s love lives.

The lesson here is not to let it get to you. Instead make light of the situation and don’t take it too seriously like Emma, whether the relationship is platonic or something more.

“For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush. He totally knows. We talked about it — we still laugh about it. We are really good friends now, and that’s cool.”

We never forget our first crush and we all have them – whether it is celebrities on the TV or in our real lives (for Emma it just so happened to be both!). The lesson with crushes that we see regularly is to try and be friends, just like Emma and Tom. And if they do find out? Smile about it – there is no shame in having a crush on someone.

Emma Watson

“If I want to see someone, I want to see them, and if I don’t, then I don’t. My friends are always telling me I have to play hard to get because I’ll pretty much say to a guy, ‘I like you — let’s go hang out.’ But my friends are like, ‘You can’t do that! You have to string this guy along.’ And I’m just like, ‘No! I won’t!”

There’s a lot of pressure put on people in the dating game to play hard to get and to ‘treat them mean to keep them keen’. While keeping a bit of mystery can be alluring, stringing people along like Emma’s friends suggested is never a good idea; if you don’t at least give hints that you are into someone they may never get the message – even if they feel the same! We think Emma has the right idea with her upfront attitude as it just makes things so much simpler.

 “It sounds like a cliché but I also learnt that you’re not going to fall for the right person until you love yourself and feel good about how you are.”

This quote is definitely a cliché like Emma says, but maybe that is for a reason.  Self-confidence will always shine through and for many people it is an extremely attractive trait. If you feel good about yourself, the chances are others will feel good about you too – and practising self-love is guaranteed to help you move forward in your love life. Winner!

 “When I started dating I had this kind of Romeo and Juliet, fateful, romantic idea about love. It was almost that you were a victim – that there was a lot of pain involved and that was how it should be (…) It was such a revelation to realise it shouldn’t be that way and you get to choose who you love and who you give your heart to.”

Despite what pop songs would have us believe, love isn’t supposed to be painful; instead it’s supposed to be one of the most enjoyable parts of life! Emma is right; love shouldn’t make you feel like a victim, and while there are always going to be ups and downs, a relationship is only worth it if on the whole it makes you happy. You get to choose who you love, so why chose to be with someone who causes you hurt? If you are stuck in a toxic relationship, you might just miss someone who is perfect for you.

“As a child of divorce, I am endlessly fascinated with finding the perfect formula for making it work. But I think the biggest lesson I learned is that there aren’t any rules.”

While there is a lot of useful advice out there that can benefit your relationships, Emma is right to say that there is no formula or rules – things will work differently for every couple. It’s easy to get hung up on the idea of a perfect relationship, but that idea can be limiting and it can get in the way of something fantastic working out (if even that something isn’t conventional and doesn’t tick a list of imaginary boxes).

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