Differences Between Scotland And England

Differences Between Scotland And England

England and Scotland are both parts of the United Kingdom. Both countries are known for their stunning castles, rolling countrysides and busy cities – but there are a few significant differences between Scotland and England.


1. Differences Between Scotland And England: The Weather

Scotland is one of the coldest areas in the UK, with an average minimum temperature that is two degrees colder than England. Scotland is also the wettest place in the UK for nine months of the year, and it is also normally the cloudiest. So if you love the rain, Scotland is a good choice – but if you prefer the sun, England may be better suited to you!


2. The Conversation

English people have a reputation for their stoic personalities, and this is fairly accurate. The ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude was first established in the war, and even today English people are known for their ‘stiff upper lip’. Of course people are still generally friendly – but Scottish people are normally more direct and forthcoming.


3. The Patriotism

Patriotism exists in both England and Scotland, but Scotland are more aware of their country as a separate, distinct country with its own values and traditions. This is important to most Scottish people, who are proud of their identity and culture.


4. The Accent

Finally there is a clear difference in accents between England and Scotland! Both accents are famous across the world, but if you’re unsure you can click here to hear the Scottish accent (and some Scottish slang!).

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson