Differences Between British Culture And American Culture

Differences Between British Culture And American Culture

If you were born in the UK or the USA and you’ve travelled across the pond, you are probably well aware that both countries do certain things very differently.

Here are five funny differences between British culture and American culture.


1. Differences Between British Culture And American Culture: When Someone Bumps Into You

If someone bumps into an American, the American will expect the aggressor to apologize – but if someone bumps into a British person, the British person will probably apologize to the aggressor (even though they aren’t at fault at all!). This can be deeply confusing, and it is a good example of British people apologizing when it isn’t necessary.


2. Getting A Taxi

In the UK it is normal to let the taxi driver decide the route, but in America it is far more normal to give directions throughout the journey. This can be useful, especially if you know a faster route – but if you and the taxi driver don’t agree that it is the best route, you may have a little argument!


3. Ordering Food

In Britain most restaurants have a set menu, and it is very unlikely that customers will deviate from this. In fact, it is fairly normal to order something with an ingredient you don’t like (such as mushrooms), and then spend time picking the food out, rather than asking for the meal to be altered! Things are slightly different in the USA, where it is common to customize meals on a set menu (for instance, you may ask for a sandwich with olives, instead of tomatoes).


4. Finishing Food

American culture is also different when it comes to leftover restaurant food. In Britain it is fairly normal to let the restaurant throw out the left-over food, but in America it is more common to ask the waiters to wrap the food up for you so that you can take it home. This makes sense; after all, it means you get your money’s worth, and it helps to reduce food waste!


5. When A Stranger Sits With You

In the UK it is frowned upon to sit next to a stranger on public transport if there is another seat available; it is seen as encroaching on personal space, and many people think it is rude and invasive. However this isn’t seen as an issue at all in the USA – in fact, it is totally normal to sit next to a stranger on a bus.


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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson