Desirable Traits To Include On Your Dating Profile

Desirable Traits To Include On Your Dating Profile

Everyone knows that looks are an important part of attraction – but looks aren’t the only thing that matter. There are lots of other desirable traits that make you more attractive, and some of these traits aren’t as obvious as you’d think.

Do you want to get more matches? Here are five desirable traits to include on your dating profile.


1. Listening To Live Music

A recent study found that around a quarter of single women and men think that listening to live music is attractive. So if you love going to gigs and concerts, make sure to include this on your dating profile, as other music lovers are more likely to match with you.


2. Having A Good Job

You might read this and assume that people are looking for someone rich, but in reality this isn’t the case at all; a survey found that most people just want to find someone who has a career they are passionate about. So don’t worry about earning lots of money; you just need to be proud of your career and where it is heading.


3. Being A Foodie

If you’re planning a date, consider ditching the drinks in favor of dinner or lunch; a survey of singles found that over a third of people want to find a partner who likes going out to eat.


4. Cooking Skills

Do you prefer cooking or baking to going out for food? That’s fine, too; the same study found that around 29% of singles would like to date someone who enjoys cooking and baking.


5. Owning A Pet

Both men and women are attracted to people who own pets, and it isn’t hard to see why; owning a pet shows that you are responsible, caring and a lover of animals. The two most popular pets are dogs and cats (perhaps unsurprisingly), but other pets (such as fish and rabbits) are still popular options.


6. Being Healthy

Most singles are attracted to people who exercise regularly, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a gym bunny who works out every day; you just need to show an interest in one athletic thing that interests you, such as yoga, swimming or five a side.


7. Being Well-Travelled

Finally people are generally attracted to people who are well-travelled – although studies indicate that women prefer men who have done their travelling and are ready to settle down, which is interesting!

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