Dating Tips That Will Make You Stronger

Dating Tips That Will Make You Stronger

Do you want to learn dating tips that will make you stronger?

A successful dating life isn’t about how attractive you are, or how funny you are. Lots of people assume this, but in reality it is all about how you treat yourself and others. After all, there are lots of beautiful, interesting, funny people who are single and unhappy!

The happiest singletons are emotionally strong people. This is because they respect the people they date, but that isn’t all; they also respect themselves. They are self-confident and sure of themselves, so they don’t feel like they need constant approval from other people to validate them.

Do you want to become more emotionally strong? If so, here are four dating tips to help you.


Dating Tips That Will Make You Stronger

1. Don’t Think About The Future Too Much

One common dating problem that lots of people experience is getting too ahead of themselves when they meet someone new. Within just a few conversations they start to fantasize about a possible future with the other person, instead of focusing on getting to know the person for who they really are.

If you do this a lot, remember that infatuation can make you see your crush through rose tinted glasses. In reality you barely know them, so put the fantasies on hold for now!


2. Don’t Commit To Someone Who Hasn’t Committed To You

If you really like someone it can be tempting to wait around until they are ready for you, but this is normally a waste of your time. If you know someone well enough to know that you like them, then the other person must know you fairly well too – and they are still saying that they “need more time” or “aren’t ready for a relationship”. This means that it is unlikely they will ever develop feelings for you, so try to move on. Remember that you are an interesting, lovable person, and you deserve to be with someone who can see that.


3. Don’t Commit To Someone Toxic

Lots of emotionally healthy people fall for toxic people because the toxic person presents their negative traits in a different light. For instance they may say that they are only jealous because their ex hurt them, so you are more likely to forgive their jealous, insecure behavior. So try to be aware of toxic traits, so that if you end up dating someone toxic you will be able to acknowledge their behavior and leave.


4. Put Your Happiness First

Lots of people start to revolve their life around the other person when they start dating someone new, but this is a bad idea. You should never put your date’s happiness above your own, especially if you barely know them, as this means that you could become clingy and dependent. It also makes it much easier for the other person to manipulate you and take advantage of you, so make sure that you don’t drop your friends and hobbies when you start seeing a new person.

If you utilize these tips you will become a more emotionally strong person. So focus on having a positive attitude and love yourself, and you may be surprised to see how many people are attracted to your new energy.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson