Dating Tips For Women (From Guys)

Dating Tips For Women (From Guys)

When it comes to dating, men can be a little different to women. They can be less open with their feelings, so it can be hard to know where you stand with them; are you casually dating, or is it something more serious? Do they like it when you call every other day, or do they want space?

If you can relate to this, we’re here to help. We sat down with a few men and asked them what dating advice they would offer to women they previously dated.

Here are five dating tips for women (from men).


1. Don’t Add Them On Social Media Straight Away

“If you meet someone online, stick to messaging through the website for the first few days. This helps both parties to retain a little mystery; I have added a few women straight away and a few times I have immediately seen pictures of exes, or emotional statuses. This is fine if I know the women better and I like her, but if she is virtually a stranger it doesn’t always paint the best impression. Also, if it doesn’t work out it can feel quite awkward deleting her later!”


2. Pay Attention To How He Introduces You

“I think introductions give a lot away. If you are dating a man and he goes out of his way to introduce you to people in his life, it probably means that he likes you a lot and can see a future with you. But if he doesn’t make an effort to introduce you (so most people in his life don’t know you are dating him), it could mean he sees you as more of a casual thing.”


3. Focus On Your Own Life

“All of the emotionally healthy men I know want an independent, exciting woman who has things going on in her own life. On the other hand, I know a lot of emotionally unhealthy men who intentionally look for dependent women who they can manipulate and control… so if you want to find a healthy relationship, make sure you continue to focus on your own life when you start dating someone new!”


4. Don’t Force Commitment

“It is a little immature, but sadly lots of guys (including myself) are a little afraid of commitment. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; more that we only want to settle down if we can really see a future with the other person. But it can take us a few months to work out if we are certain, so don’t try to force commitment as this could scare the guy off.”


5. Be Yourself

“It may sound basic, but be yourself. Everyone wants to find a unique, interesting person who they can truly connect with, so embrace your quirks and funny personality traits. The right person will love you for them.”

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