Dating Tips For Bisexuals

Dating Tips For Bisexuals

Dating is challenging for most people, and it can get even more complicated for bisexual people. They may face biphobia or confusion from others, and they may be unsure when (or if) they should reveal their sexuality to potential dates.

Thankfully online dating websites (such as ours!) are customizable to individuals, so you can match with the right people and easily share your gender identify or sexual orientation. This increases your chances of matching with someone who is perfect for you – but what else can you do to make dating easy and fun?

Here are four dating tips for bisexuals.


1. Dating Tips For Bisexuals: Be Proud Of Who You Are

Be proud of who you are, and don’t feel like you need to hide your true self. It can be frightening and confusing to realise your sexual identity isn’t heterosexual, and the idea of telling others can be scary. However the right person will love you for exactly who you are, so try to be true to yourself.


2. Don’t Date Judgemental People

The world is full of judgmental people, and this can be a serious issue for bisexuals. Some people don’t believe that bisexuality is real (including people in the LGBT community), but your sexual identity is real. Dismiss people who question your sexuality, and instead focus on matches who respect your sexuality.

You may also encounter people who worry that you will cheat on them with someone of the opposite sex. This myth is incorrect and very hurtful; bisexuality will not make someone cheat. Sure, people do cheat – but bisexuals aren’t any more likely to cheat than a straight person!

Some people also assume that bisexuality = polyamory (having multiple partners at once). While it is certainly possible to be both, the majority of bisexuals are monogamous. So don’t let someone pressure you into polyamory (or monogamy) if you don’t think it is a good option for you.


3. Embrace Online Dating

Online dating seems to have made dating somewhat easier for bisexuals and other members of the LGBTQ community; in fact, a recent study found that over 60% of same sex relationships are started online!

This is significantly higher than the number of straight relationships that start online, so if you’re interested in meeting someone it could be worth joining a dating site (such as our own!).


4. When To Tell Your Date About Your Sexuality

Your sexuality is your personal information, so you should share it on your own terms. Maybe you will state your sexuality on your profile, or maybe you will wait until you’re comfortable with one specific person to reveal your sexuality. Whatever is best for you!

If you haven’t come out yet, that is totally fine. Your happiness and safety are the number one priority, and you shouldn’t come out until you are ready.

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