Dating As A Curvy Woman: Tips For The First Date

Dating As A Curvy Woman: Tips For The First Date

We live in a world that is finally starting to accept people of all sizes and shapes. Recently Nike started to use plus sized mannequins in their stores, and hundreds of retailers have started to produce beautiful clothes for women of every size. But sadly body shaming still exists; in fact, a recent survey found that 93% of women have experienced body shaming.

This can make dating seem scary – but these figures do not define you (or your future dating experiences!). That being said, if you have insecurities about being curvy you may wish for more specific advice to help you navigate the dating world.


Nailing The First Date As A Curvy Woman

Meeting someone for the first time can feel very daunting. In fact, this has made a number of women check out of dating altogether! However,you sometimes we need courage if we want to find happiness. The power of love, or the possibility of finding it, is greater than fear (for most people), and you deserve to let yourself experience this, even if you don’t think that you have the ‘perfect’ body type.


1. Remember Everyone Has Different Tastes

Some men like blonde women, others like brunettes. Some men like small, petite women, while other men prefer strong, tall women with Amazonian bodies – and there is definitely a man out there who will be very attracted to your body type!


2. Tell Yourself That You’re Beautiful

Sure, this may seem obvious – but it is still a useful tip, and it will make you feel more confident. Stand in front of the mirror before you go out, and tell yourself that you look beautiful with confidence. You might feel a bit silly to start with, but say it a few times and you will start to feel the power behind the words.


3. Don’t Follow Social Media Pages That Make You Feel Rubbish

Social media has a huge impact on how we view ourselves – so if you find yourself following lots of pages that make you feel bad about yourself, think about clicking the unfollow button – and once the accounts are removed, consider following some body positive accounts. This may seem like a small thing, but if you see pictures that make you feel self-conscious every day, eventually you will have a more negative view of yourself.


4. Be Yourself

This is always such tricky advice because who are we really on a first date? Are you yourself when you’re prim and proper for a job interview, or when you’re watching movies with your best friend in sweatpants and a t-shirt? In this case, it means being the one you are when laughter comes easily. If laughter doesn’t come easily when you’re in heels, then, by all means, wear flats. If laughing is difficult in that too-tight-red-dress you bought last week and can’t breathe in, then wear something else. If laughter comes easily with make-up done, then doll up. To put it in simple terms: do you. You should have fun, as no first date should feel like something you’re not interested in.

First dates can be awkward, embarrassing, beautiful, funny, atrocious yet sometimes achingly-unforgettable experiences. Enjoy each and everyone you get to have.

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