Cultural Differences Between Canada And The USA

Cultural Differences Between Canada And The USA

If you don’t come from the US or Canada, you may be tempted to think both countries are very similar. After all, they both speak English, they have similar values and they follow the same celebrity culture – but in reality the two countries are very different.

Here are seven interesting cultural differences between Canada and the USA.


1. Cultural Differences Between Canada And The USA: Canadians Drink Milk From Bags

If you buy milk in America it comes in a carton, but in Canada milk is sold in see-though plastic bags. Each household has a hard container to store the milk in; you just need to put the plastic bag inside of the corner! This may seem really strange to non-Canadians, but in Canada it is completely normal.


2. Canadians Say Sorry A Lot

Canadians are well known for their friendliness, and this is partially due to how often they apologize. Canadians tend to apologise a lot, even if they aren’t actually in the wrong. This may seem strange to Americans, but if you are British you can probably relate!


3. Canada Has Two Official Languages

The only official language in America is English, but Canada actually has two official languages; English and French. All Canadian children take French or English lessons at secondary school to ensure they speak both languages, and certain parts of Canada (such as Quebec) actually speak French as a first language (and English as a second language).


4. Further Education Is Cheaper In Canada

University in America is notoriously expensive, with some colleges costing over $50,000 a year to attend. Further education is much cheaper in Canada, with one year costing around $3000.


5. Football Isn’t As Popular In Canada

Football may be the most popular sport in the USA, but in Canada hockey is far more popular.


6. America Doesn’t Use The Metric System

Most countries use the metric system, including the UK and Canada, but America don’t. Instead they use feet and inches, and Fahrenheit instead of Celsuis. This can be a little confusing if you are visiting America for the first time!


7. The Currency Is Different

Americans use green bills made from paper, while Canadians use colourful bills made from plastic (like the UK). This makes the money less easy to destroy; for example, it can go through the washing machine without getting damaged.

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