Could Brexit Affect Your Love Life?

Could Brexit Affect Your Love Life?

If you are a member of Date British Guys, it is very likely that you are British or you are interested in dating someone who is British… but could Brexit affect that?

Apparently the answer is yes – but only for some people. Dating and politics have never been a great mix, and Brexit is a particularly passionate subject, so it is a big deal for some people. However research has found that other people don’t care as much, so it will depend on the person you match with.

Here’s how Brexit could affect your love life.


Brexit Has Already Caused Break Ups

Recent studies have found that Brexit has already caused breakups across the UK. The study found that over 2.7 million UK relationships ended in 2016 due to political divisions, and Brexit had a similar effect; around 1.6 million British people didn’t progress with the person they were dating because of the referendum.


Should Brexit Affect Your Dating Life?

If you aren’t that interested in politics you might be tempted to avoid bringing up Brexit all together, but it could be difficult to do that… especially if you are dating someone who is passionate about the subject. After all, Brexit is brought up in the UK news on a nearly daily basis, and it can affect lots of different things (from the pound to the housing market).

This doesn’t mean that you need to date someone who has the same values as you – but if you want to date someone with different values, you need to have an open mind. Don’t take someone else’s views as a personal attack; everyone has different viewpoints, and it is important to respect other people’s opinions (unless they are offensive or radical!).


Should You Mention Brexit On Your Profile?

You might be tempted to mention Brexit on your dating profile, but you should be aware that this will have an effect on your inbox. Some people will completely avoid messaging you if you have a differing political opinion, but others are more likely to message you; in fact, an online dating survey found that people who mention Brexit in their profiles tend to get more messages. So it is up to you – but be aware that if you do mention it, it is likely that most messages in your inbox will reference Brexit!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson