Conversation Starters That Are Better Than “Hey”

Conversation Starters That Are Better Than “Hey”

You matched with someone you’re attracted to, and you want to strike up a conversation – but you don’t want to say the wrong thing. After all, a simple “hey” or “hello” could come across as boring, especially if the person you’ve matched with gets lots of matches!

This can feel frustrating, especially if you’re not overly confident, but thankfully there are lots of other openers you can use to improve your chances of getting a response. You just need to get creative!

And if you’re not feeling creative, no problem; we’re here to help. Here are 17 conversation starters that are better than “hey”.


Conversation Starters That Are Better Than “Hey”

“What is a popular trend that you find annoying?”

Maybe they really hate bucket hats or Christmas songs; either way, this question should lead to an interesting conversation.


“What were you obsessed with as a child?”

You might discover that you had the same obsessions as each other.


“What is your ultimate pet peeve?”

Everyone has a pet peeve, so this question could prompt a fun answer.


“Do you have any controversial opinions?”

This is a great way to find out more about someone (but only if you’re feeling open minded!).


“What is your favourite snack?”

Maybe they have a sweet tooth, or maybe they love pickles.


“Do you have any strange phobias?”

This is always good to know before you start planning any dates!


“What is your favourite memory?”

This question is a bit deeper than most, but it could lead to a meaningful conversation for both of you.


“What are you naturally skilled at?”

Everyone has at least one natural talent.


“What TV show are you watching right now?”

Maybe they like thrillers, or maybe they are currently rewatching an old favourite.


“How do you destress?”

Everyone has their own ways to destress.


“Where is your favourite place in the world?”

It could be a holiday destination they frequently visit, or it could be a local coffee shop or restaurant.


“Which app do you use the most on your phone?”

This will tell you more about their interests.


If things are going well with your crush, here are some flirty texts you can send after the first date.


“How is your day going?”

This text is pretty simple, but it gives them a chance to be honest and off-load.


“What’s your favourite meme?”

Most people love memes, so this could generate a funny response.


“I’m not very good at starting a conversation. Do you want to try?”

This takes the pressure off you (and it could make them smile).


“Cats or dogs?”

Most people have a preference, so you will probably get a response if you say this.


“What’s your favourite restaurant?”

You can also use this information to arrange a great first date.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson