Introducing the Trio: Brittany, Ash & Nathan

Introducing the Trio: Brittany, Ash & Nathan

Who doesn’t love British accents, culture and traveling to the UK? All of us here on DateBritishGuys do – especially Tennessee-native Brittany, who found the man of her dreams on our site two years ago.


Brittany met Ash (our wonderful Brit from Surrey) back in November of 2013. She had first noticed Ash had checked out her profile and they got to chatting soon afterwards. Chatting led to skyping which led to Brittany falling in love with Ash’s sense of humor. One of her favorite qualities about Ash is how he can make her laugh at all the silly things he does.

Ash came stateside in January 2014 to visit Brittany for a month. And then after another couple  months of Skype dates later, Ash visited again in August 2014 for another month and with an adorable plan.


Towards the end of his stay, Ash took Brittany out to a romantic dinner and went for a walk on a the property of a bed and breakfast near Brittany’s parents’ house. While taking in the beautiful property, they reached a bridge and it was there that Ash got down one knee and proposed; on that same bridge, Brittany answered with a resounding: “YES!”.

A month after that, it was Brittany’s turn to meet the family and she took a three month holiday to the UK to spend Christmas. And although it was a few months early for gifts, Brittany and Ash got the best gift that either of them could ask for: they found out that their duo was going to become a trio!

The couple welcomed Nathan into their family in July of 2015. And while the couple is waiting on the next steps for Ash’s K1 visa, Brittany says that Ash has been the most amazing dad. Actually, seeing how great of father Ash has been to Nathan has only made Brittany fall in love with him even more!


Best of all, this happy family got to celebrate Christmas together since Ash flew out to surprise Brittany and Nathan! Brittany said it was one of the best Christmas’ yet! And they’re looking towards the new year — the couple will be tying the knot in January 2016 with a small ceremony with some friends and family.

Congratulations to Ash and Brittany! We can’t wait to see the wedding photos!
Happy New Years all!


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