British Man Of The Week: David!

British Man Of The Week: David!

Give a big welcome to our British man of the week, David (AKA Hoffa73!). David is a 48 year old British man living in Derby, and he joined our website this year. We sat down with David to find out more about him and want he wants…


Tell us a bit about yourself.

“Hi, I’ve David! I am very much a romantic, passionate kind of guy looking for his queen.”


What do you do for a living?

“I am ex-British Forces. I served 23 Years in the Army, working in countries all over the world including Iraq, Belize, Kuwait, Bosnia and Afghanistan.”


Describe your perfect woman.

“She would be intelligent, independent, passionate, attractive and open-minded. I am very romantic so it would be nice if she was too. It would also be great if she likes to travel!”


What is your favorite film?

“I love Lone Survivor!”

Would you be willing to try a Zoom date?



Where is your dream holiday destination?

“I’d love to visit Italy.”


Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
“I have travelled to over 31 countries!”


What is your dream job?

“I’m currently studying Media Production at university, so hopefully I will work in TV or Radio. My dream job would be a Radio Presenter or a writer!”


What is your go-to takeaway meal?

“I love to cook, but if I’m ordering takeaway I’ll go for a chicken tikka masala.”


Are you looking for a serious relationship?

“Yes, definitely.”

Click here to check out David’s profile.

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