Are You Too Picky?

Are You Too Picky?

Everyone deserves someone amazing, but it is important to be realistic – after all, there are only so many supermodels and Prince Charmings to go around! This doesn’t mean it is wrong to have standards. You should be aware of what you want and what you deserve, but don’t let your standards creep too high; if so, you could struggle to find a relationship.

If you are struggling to find a relationship but you get lots of messages on your dating profile, you may be dismissing perfectly good matches who could make great partners. Here are four signs that you are too picky.


1. You Have A List Of Requirements (And You Stick To It)

You have a full list of qualities that your dream partner has, as well as a no list of traits that you want to avoid. Both lists are pretty long, and some of the stuff is pretty specific, such as hair colour or music taste. This can make it very difficult to find someone that actually meets your criteria, and it also means that you could miss someone who is perfect for you.


2. You Care Too Much About Little Things

As soon as your date does one tiny thing that you don’t like, you call the whole thing off. While it is totally fair to stop seeing someone if they have offended you or you know that you disagree on something that is important to you, it can be very hasty to end something because of something minor, such as them scratching their nose at the table! They could be an amazing person who just made a mistake, so you may want to re-evaluate your list of deal breakers.


3. Your Friends Aren’t Surprised When You Stop Seeing Someone

When your friends ask you why you stopped seeing someone, you say “they just aren’t my type” and your friends don’t probe further. This is because your friends are no longer surprised when you decide to end relationships as you do it so frequently!


4. You’re Waiting For Fireworks And Insane Chemistry

You want a relationship like a movie, so you are always waiting for the head over heels moment where you fall for someone – but in reality chemistry doesn’t always work this way. Sure, it does sometimes, but not every love story is like Edward and Bella – and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Real, genuine love often takes months or years to develop, but it is well worth the wait!

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