9 Things He Is Thinking But Won’t Say Out Loud

9 Things He Is Thinking But Won’t Say Out Loud


How do you know if your first date is going well? It would be great if you could read your date’s mind, but sadly that isn’t an option.

He could be wondering if his friends will like you, or he could be worrying about how often he should be talking. Here are 9 things he is thinking but won’t say out loud.


“Should I do most of the talking?”

On a first date the conversation is new, rather than natural. He is aware of this, and he doesn’t want to talk too much or too little. He doesn’t want to interrupt you and seem rude or self-obsessed, but he also doesn’t want to seem shy or disinterested. If you want to put him at ease, ask questions about the stories he tells, and make sure you offer a story of your own!


“I hope she chooses her own drink!”

It is your first date and he doesn’t know you well, so he doesn’t want to hear you say “you choose!” when it comes to drink orders. He doesn’t want to order a drink you dislike, and he wants to hear what you genuinely like; it is interesting, and you will have some common ground if you like similar drinks.


“I wish she wouldn’t complain about her appearance”

Don’t complain about your appearance on the first date – it can seem like you are fishing for compliments, and it comes across as very insecure. If he is on a date with you, he obviously finds you attractive, so you don’t need to worry about the way you look.


“I hope I look good in this outfit”

Men have physical insecurities too, and it is likely he spent a while choosing an outfit and making an effort. While he won’t say anything out loud, you may notice him adjusting his hair or tie. Take it as a compliment!


“I hope she makes the first move”

Although men stereo-typically make the first move, most men think this routine is old-fashioned and sexist. They like a woman who is forward and confident, so your date might be hoping you make the first move.


“Is she going to be high maintenance?”

Most men dislike the idea of going out with a high maintenance woman, so they may look out for high maintenance indicators on the first date, such as being overdressed, fishing for compliments or expecting him to pay for everything.


“Does she even like me?”

This is the one thought you can guarantee he is thinking during your date. If you like him, make lots of eye contact and consider putting your hand on his leg. Laugh at his jokes and make an effort to find some common interests. Don’t confuse him – make your feelings clear!


“Would your friends and family like me?”

If you mention your friends or family during the date, this is the thought he will have. He wants to know how compatible you two are, and in a long-term relationship it is important that each partner gets along with the other’s friends and family.


Would my friends and family like you?”

If he brings up his own friends and family, this thought will go through his mind – especially if the date is going well!

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