8 Things You Don’t Know About The London Eye

8 Things You Don’t Know About The London Eye

The London Eye is one of the most popular landmarks in Britain. You can see the London Eye from far around, and riding the Eye offers you breath-taking views of the city, especially at night time. For this reason hundreds of tourists flock to the London Eye every day, but there is more to the ride than meets the eye.

Here are 8 things you didn’t know about the London Eye.


1. It Isn’t A Ferris Wheel

The London Eye may look like a Ferris wheel, but it is actually a cantilevered observation wheel. Ferris wheel is definitely much easier to say, but the structure is called cantilevered as the whole wheel is anchored by a strong A-frame that is only on one side of the wheel. It is also worth noting that the London Eye is the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel – impressive!


2. It Is One Of The Largest Wheels In The World

The London Eye isn’t just the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel; it is also the fourth biggest Ferris wheel in the world, which shows how huge the wheel really is. However the London Eye isn’t actually in the top 20 biggest structures in London as the buildings are so much bigger.


3. The Eye Cost 75 Million To Make

The London Eye wasn’t a quick or a cheap build; in total it took seven years and around £75 million to make.


4. The London Eye Is The Most Popular Attraction In The UK

The London Eye is extremely popular with tourists; over 3.5 million people ride the Eye every year, and it is the most popular paid attraction in Britain. The most popular free attraction is the impressive British museum with around 6 million visitors per year.


5. The London Eye Used To Have A Different Name

Many people believe that the London Eye was always called the London Eye, but it was actually called the Millennium Wheel until 2011. This is because the Eye was first made open to the public on December 31st 1999, just before the new Millennium began.


6. The London Eye Is A Place Of Love

So far over 5,000 people have gotten engaged on the Eye, including understated proposals and proposals with orchestras and music. There have also been over 500 weddings at the Eye!


7. The London Eye Provides The Best Views Of London

If you’re visiting London and you want to see a seriously amazing view, ride the Eye; on a sunny day you can see around 25 miles around!


8. There Is No Capsule 13

All of the capsules on the London Eye are numbered from 1 to 33, but you won’t find a capsule that is named capsule 13 for superstitious reasons.

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