8 Of The Best Things About Dating A Nurse

8 Of The Best Things About Dating A Nurse


Nurses are a special type of person. They are compassionate people, who choose to dedicate their lives to helping others, and they are very level-headed; blood and tears are just part of an average days’ work!

These strong personality traits mean that nurses make a great date. In honor of International Nurses’ Day yesterday, here are 8 of the best things about dating a nurse.


1. They like to look after people

Nurses take care of others on a daily basis, so it is just habit for them to look after their loved ones. If you get sick around a nurse, you can guarantee that a nurse will comfort you and know how to look after you.


2. They appreciate the little things

Every day nurses improve lives with little gestures, like making drinks or asking about a patient’s day. These little things mean a lot to the patients, so nurses understand the importance of small gestures.


3. They are compassionate

Nurses give 110% every day at work, and they go the extra mile because they are caring and compassionate. They dislike others being upset or in pain, and they will always try to help the person to feel better.


4. They are great listeners

In a relationship there are times when you just need to rant – and a nurse definitely knows how to listen. They understand that life can get stressful, and sometimes people just need someone who is willing to listen.


5. They are intelligent

If you want an intelligent date, look no further. Nurses are very intelligent – graduating nursing school is proof of that! On top of learning thousands of medical terms and forms of treatment, they can also think on their feet.


6. They are calm and level-headed

Nurses know how to stay calm during a crisis – they do it every day at work! If a stressful situation arises, a nurse won’t start to stress or panic. Instead they will calm others down, while thinking up a solution to the problem.


7. They are tough

Nurses have to be tough; the medical field is a difficult one to work in, and they deal with life and death every day. The hours are long, and they are often under-appreciated – but nonetheless they wake up every morning and start a new shift with a smile on their face. True heroes!


8. They save lives

And that is unquestionably awesome.

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