8 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Date At Home

8 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Date At Home

Are you talking to someone you really like on Date British Guys? Do you want to do fun things when you meet in person?

If you want to explore outside there are lots of beautiful cities and towns to visit… but if the trip is a few days long, some days you might want to stay in and save money.

Thankfully there are lots of fun things to do at home… and no, we aren’t just talking about a movie night with popcorn! Here are 8 fun things you can do with your crush at home.


1. 8 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Date At Home: Have A Carpet Picnic

Buy some delicious snacks (we think a cheese board, grapes, olives and luxury bread are great options), lay out a blanket and serve up the picnic. This is an affordable way to have some fun, and you can always play some board games afterwards!


2. Make A Perfect Playlist

Create the perfect playlist together on Spotify, and then have a dance to your favourite songs.


3. Have A Paint And Wine Evening

Buy some paint, canvases and a bottle of wine for a paint and wine evening. This is a cheap way to be creative together, and if you like the art you can hang it up afterwards.


4. Have Breakfast In Bed… At Night

Everyone loves breakfast in bed – but it is even more romantic at night time with candles!


5. More Fun Things You Can Do Together: Give Each Other Massages

A massage is a great way to be romantic and intimate with each other, and all you need are a few essential oils and two towels.


6. Complete A Home Improvement Project

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do in your home? Maybe you want to build a bookcase, or maybe you want to repaint the front door. Make the project more fun by completing it with your crush, and then reward them afterwards with a nice glass of wine!


7. Do A Puzzle Together

Puzzles are a fun way to occupy a few hours, and if you buy a visually pleasing puzzle you can even frame it afterwards.


8. Rearrange Furniture

Switch things up in your house by rearranging furniture together. This is a unique way to bond with each other, and it will also make your house feel refreshed and new.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson