7 Things All Gentlemen Do

7 Things All Gentlemen Do

We’ve all heard the complaint “chivalry is dead,” but that isn’t necessarily true. There are still gentlemen in every city and town – even if it may seem like they are hard to find!

The meaning of the word gentleman has changed over the years. The modern day gentleman may not follow old traditions and rules, but he is still charming, polite and respectful.

Here are 7 things that gentlemen always do.


1. Things That Gentlemen Always Do: They Are Always Respectful

Gentlemen are respectful of everyone that they meet – not just the women they are trying to seduce. They respect everyone, from children to the elderly, and their respect is genuine. This respect doesn’t just apply to the people that they like; if a gentleman dislikes someone, he still won’t behave disrespectfully towards them.


2. They Help Other People

Gentlemen are happy to help out others around them. They don’t just help out their closest loved ones; they are also happy to help co-workers and strangers on the street. They don’t have to dedicate their lives to helping others, but they know about the importance of kindness, and they genuinely like to help.


3. They Put Their Loved Ones First

A gentleman is willing to put his loved one’s needs ahead of his own; if his best friend has had a tough day, he will be willing to do something to cheer him up, even if he didn’t have a great day himself. He will always make the effort to ring his family on important occasions, and he never makes up excuses to avoid spending time with his loved ones.


4. They Are Honest

If you are dating a gentleman, he won’t play games with you, because he thinks that love games are a waste of time. He knows that when you find the right person, he can be open and honest about his feelings.

This honesty applies to all aspects of his life; he doesn’t like lying to his friends or family either, and he will be honest even when it is hard.


5. They Are Always On Time

We’ve all heard the phrase fashionably late, but in reality there is nothing fashionable about being late. Most people think that it shows a lack of respect for the person that you are meeting, as their time is wasted while they wait for you. A gentleman always thinks about other people’s feelings, so they make an effort to be on time – and if they know that they are going to be late, they make sure to send a text to let you know.


6. They Are The Best Versions Of Themselves

We all have a choice; we can be the best versions of ourselves or we can be the worst version. A gentleman always tries to be the best version of themselves, and they are aware of their flaws and strengths. Rather than saying “I’ve always been an angry person, I can’t help it”, they say “I can be angry, but I’m working on being calmer.”


7. They Don’t Have To Say That They Are A Gentleman

The world is full of people who believe that they are the “nice guys” of their gender, and they often say this on the first date – or even beforehand. Bragging is never attractive, and if you are a nice guy, you won’t need to say it; a true gentleman never needs to say that he is a gentleman, because everyone else already knows.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson