6 Tips For When You Are Texting Your Crush

6 Tips For When You Are Texting Your Crush

Congratulations on getting your crush’s number! You went through days (or weeks) of messaging them online, and now you have moved to the new step – but it is important to avoid sending awkward, overly thought-out texts that could kill the attraction between you.

Texting is one of the main forms of communication for most people who are dating, but that doesn’t mean that it is perfect. Many people send confusing texts that can be misunderstood, while other people struggle to keep a conversation going via text.

If you want to up your texting game to impress your date, here are 6 tips for when you are texting your crush.


1. Start With An Easy Question

If you want to increase the chance of your crush replying to your text you should ask them a fun, easy question. Avoid boring questions that your crush has probably answered many times before, such as “so what do you do for work?” and instead go for a fun question that they will actually want to reply to, like “I saw on you dating profile that you like Orange Is The New Black – I love that show! What season are you up to?”

This means that your crush will reply because they are actually interested in the conversation, rather than replying to be polite.


2. Don’t Be Too Serious

Texting is perfect for light-hearted, fun conversations, but it isn’t ideal for serious conversations. Try to keep your texts playful and fun so that they make your crush smile, and if you want to have a serious conversation try to do it over a phone call, Skype or in person.


3. Don’t Get Stressed Waiting For A Text Back

In this day and age texting can cause a lot of stress – especially if you both have your read receipts turned on! However it is important to remember that your crush is probably busy for most of the day, whether they are working, cooking, driving or showering. This means that you won’t always get a quick reply, but you don’t need to worry that they might be losing feelings for you – it is very likely that they are busy and will reply as soon as they are free.


4. Don’t Take Hours To Respond If You Are Free

If you are working and your date texts you, you don’t need to reply immediately, but if you are at home relaxing you shouldn’t wait too long to reply. This is because you crush may start to think that you are not interested in them as you never seem to have the time to reply, and it also makes it difficult for you to have a fun conversation that flows naturally.


5. Don’t Try Too Hard

When you are texting your crush you should make an effort to keep the conversation going, but you shouldn’t go too far with this. It is good to ask your crush questions, but if they just give you one word answers all the time you shouldn’t keep texting them as you may be wasting your time. If the other person likes you too they will make an effort, so you won’t need to force them to converse with you!


6. Don’t Always Send The First Text

If you always text your crush first they may not have strong feelings for you, so stop texting them for a few days and see if they reach out to you. If they don’t get in touch with you it is their loss, and if they do you will know that they like you too.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson