6 Things You Should Know Before Dating A British Man

6 Things You Should Know Before Dating A British Man

It is common knowledge that British men are dateable. They have amazing accents, and they are charming and polite. But before you decide that your next love will be a British man, there are a few things that you need to know.

Here are 6 things you should know before you date a British guy.

1. You Might Struggle To Understand What They Are Saying

Not all British men sound like Colin Firth. Even though Britain is a small country, there are lots of varied accents that you may encounter – and most of them are difficult to understand. They get even more confusing when you add in the local slang and strange swear words!

Even though you may not understand your date, you will still love listening to him speak. The cockney accent will make you feel weak at the knees!


2. They Will Talk About The Weather – A Lot

In Britain the weather is normally cloudy with grey skies, but despite that the weather is always a popular subject in the UK. Most conversations will begin with a comment about the weather, and these conversations can last for ages.

British people also really, really love the sun and the snow, which is quite sweet to watch; when did you last see a grown man get excited about a few rays of sunshine?


3. They Insult Their Friends And They Are Polite To Their Enemies

In most cultures, it is normal to compliment your friends and insult your enemies, but not in Britain. Most British people hate conflict, so instead of confronting their enemies they just avoid them. However, they think it is hilarious banter to insult the people they love, so you will always hear them insulting their friends. If they insult you with a smile on their face, take it as a compliment!


4. They Have Totally Different Slang Words To America

If you are American, there may be some confusion over slang words. In Britain a fag is a cigarette, and when you get pissed you are drunk, not angry. A muppet is an insult, rather than a member of Sesame Street. This may cause some hilarious confusion while you are getting to know each other!


5. They Love Tea

British people love tea – it is totally normal to have 5 cups a day, and for some British people a cup of tea is the solution to all of life’s problems. They will expect you to drink tea with them regularly, and they will be really, really confused if you don’t like it.


6. The Conversation Will Always Be Interesting

There is always something to talk about when the other person grew up in a different country. You will have experienced different cultures and environments, so you will never run out of things to talk about – or new TV shows to show each other.

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