6 Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Styles

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Styles

Harry Style is currently one of the most famous British singers, and he seems to be going from strength to strength. Even though there has been a pandemic, he has released a series of smash hit songs, been noticed by the fashion world (and he’s even been involved in a few controversial social issues!)

We decided to find out a little bit more about the English heartthrob – and we found some very interesting things!

Here are six things you probably didn’t now about Harry Styles.


1. Things You Didn’t Know About Harry Styles: He Was In A Pop Punk Band

Harry might be best known for his solo career and One Direction, but that isn’t when his musical career started. In high school he was in a band called White Eskimo, and they performed at several weddings and talent shows. Harry is clearly very passionate about music! Click here to check out one of their performances.


2. He Is Inspired By Shania Twain

Harry loves country music and style, and in 2017 he said that Shaina Twain is one of his main musical and fashion influences. He also said he thinks the singer is “amazing”.


3. He Loves Rom-Coms

Harry may have starred in a gritty war film, but in reality he really likes romantic comedies. In fact, The Notebook is one of his favorite films!


4. He Was On iCarly

Harry appeared on an episode of iCarly with the rest of One Direction. He played himself, and he pretend to be ill to get more attention from Carly. At the end of the episode the band played their hit song “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”.


5. He Writes Songs For Other Musicians

Harry isn’t just a great singer; he is also a skilled songwriter. Over the last few years he has written songs for a wide range of musicians, including superstar Ariana Grande. He co-wrote her hit Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart, and he wrote it specifically for her. Ariana loved the song, even saying to MTV that she felt ‘like crying’ when she first heard the song. Harry also wrong Someday alongside Meghan Trainor.


6. When He Was Younger He Wanted To Be A Lawyer

Harry Styles is apparently multitalented; if music or film didn’t work out for him, he was interested in becoming a lawyer or a physiotherapist. Very different career options, but we are sure he would have had a successful career either way!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson