6 Relationship Deal Breakers

6 Relationship Deal Breakers


When people think about being in a relationship with someone, they often think about the qualities that they hope their partner will have. Some people prioritize having a partner who will make them laugh, while others prioritise a sensitive and loving partner.

However, people generally spend less time thinking about their deal breakers; the traits that stop someone being a potential partner. These traits can be big or small, but they are certainly deal breakers – even if the person has lots of other wonderful traits.

From being overly clingy to acting superior to your partner, here are 6 relationship deal breakers.


1. They Have A Superiority Complex

Your partner may love you, but if they genuinely believe that they are better than you then you shouldn’t be with them. This is because you will have an unfair disadvantage in the relationship, as it is likely that your partner will expect you to make more of an effort than they do – and it is possible that they will end up putting you down or controlling you.

2. They Are Overly Clingy

It is normal to want to spend lots of time with your partner; after all, they are the love of your life! However, an overly clingy partner can make you feel suffocated. Maybe they insist that you spend all of your free time with them, or they dislike it when you hang out with friends. This can seem flattering as it can come across as loving behaviour, but in reality it is a sign that they are overly dependent on you. Your partner should have other things in their life that bring them joy, as well as you!


3. They Are Too Confrontational

Everyone is confrontational sometimes, but some people are overly confrontational in their relationships. Instead of explaining why they are upset or angry, they always seem like they are trying to start a fight with their partner. This makes it very difficult to work on the problems in the relationship, as the confrontational partner makes the other partner feel defensive and attacked.

In a relationship it is important to be with someone who is able to communicate effectively, instead of simply lashing out at you.


4. They Publicly Shame You

Another relationship deal breaker is someone who publicly shames you. Maybe they post a status about your relationship on Facebook after a big fight, or maybe they are constantly bring up your disagreements with mutual friends you share. Of course, it isn’t a problem if your partner wants to talk to someone else for a fresh perspective, but if they are choosing mutual friends or social media they are not considering your feelings. This is because their actions are portraying you in a bad light, and you are not able to defend yourself well.

Your partner should come to you or their close friend after a tough fight, not social media or someone who has a relationship with both of you.


5. They Are Condescending

Some people can’t help putting other people down, but you should avoid starting a relationship with someone like this. This is because over time their comments will lower your self-esteem and make you feel unhappy. Your partner should support you and pull you up, not attack you and bring you down.

Another big issue with this is that many condescending people pass their hurtful comments off as jokes, which can make you feel like you are being oversensitive – even though you are not being. This can lead you to question your own personality, which is a very confusing and unpleasant experience.

6. They Expect Too Much From You

Some people expect too much from their partners; they expect that their partner can read their mind if they are feeling angry or upset, and they often expect their partner to go above and beyond for them when they wouldn’t do the same thing.

This is a deal breaker as it can make you feel like you are not being a good partner, even if you make a huge effort with your partner. This can lower your self-esteem and even cause feelings of depression.

Do you agree with this list? Do you have any suggestions of your own? Let us know with a comment!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson