6 reasons why you should date a British Guy

6 reasons why you should date a British Guy


If you are a single woman who is online dating, it is likely you have wondered what kind of man you will end up meeting.

Consider following in the steps of Taylor Swift and Jennifer Connelly by finding yourself a British gentleman. They are charming, polite and witty – and they make the perfect boyfriend.

Here are 8 reasons why you should date a British guy.


1. The accent

There is no denying the sexiness of the British accent. It makes any man sound more sophisticated and polite, and it totally oozes sex appeal.


2. Their conversational skills

Men from Britain always have something to talk about – even if it is just the weather! If you’ve had a hard day and you need to talk about it, you can guarantee that your Brit date will be ready to listen with a cup of tea freshly made for you.


3. Their manners

If you thought chivalry was dead, better think again! You’ll find that he will do sweet things without even thinking, like opening doors, letting you walk on the inside of the walkway, and even holding your hand.


4. How manly they are

They may be polite and charming, but British men know how to take some serious pain. Think about all the paddings men wear when they play American football – then think about the lack of padding in British rugby. That is a man who is truly tough!


5. The Saturday afternoons off

If you’re dating a British guy who supports a football team you will always have Saturday afternoons to yourself. That is unless you support the same team!


6. Their ability to say sorry

British people have no problem saying sorry; in fact, it punctuates nearly every sentence they say. You don’t have to worry about having a date who won’t say sorry for their mistakes – you’re more likely to tell them to STOP saying sorry!


7. Their attitude towards drinking

If you’re out and about with a British guy and you fancy a drink, he will be happy to oblige. British men are always happy to go for a quick drink, no matter what time it is!


8. The possible chance that they may be related to royalty

Hey, you never know – there is always a small chance that they may be related to royalty!

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