6 Reasons To Visit Hyde Park In The Summer

6 Reasons To Visit Hyde Park In The Summer

London is filled with beautiful parks, but Hyde Park is definitely one of the best. The park is recognisable across the world as it is often featured in films and on postcards, but it is even more stunning in real life. There are beautiful lakes and wildlife to look out for, as well as fountains and well-manicured gardens. There are also lots of events and activities to check out at the park!

Here are 6 reasons to visit Hyde Park this summer.


1. Check Out The Sports

There are lots of different sporting activities that you can try at Hyde Park, from horseback riding lessons in the park to tennis courts that anyone can use. The new London bicycle scheme also means that you can easily hire a bike for an hour to ride around the park!


2. Try Some Water Activities

If you visit the park during the summer you can rent paddle boats to explore the lakes, and there is even a lido that you can swim in.


3. Go To A Concert

Hyde Park hosts multiple concerts and festivals every year, from music shows to a Christmas Wonderland in winter.


4. Relax In The Sun

Visitors can hire folding chairs so that they can sit back in the park and enjoy the views, which is ideal if you are planning on spending the whole day at the park. The chairs are also really cheap, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money!


5. Check Out The Serpentine Lake

The Serpentine lake is perhaps the most beautiful park of Hyde Park. The lake is filled with geese and birds, and there are lots of cafes around the lake where you can grab a coffee, a sandwich or even a glass of wine.


6. Visit Kensington Gardens And The Palace

Explore Kensington Palace, the place that was once the home of Princess Diana, and wander around the beautiful gardens. You can also visit the Serpentine Art Gallery in the gardens, which often hosts modern exhibitions that are sure to interest anyone who loves art.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson