6 Reasons To Stick With Online Dating

6 Reasons To Stick With Online Dating

In the past online dating had a bit of a stigma surrounding it, but in the past decade this has changed completely. Now billions of people are using online dating, and it is actually the most popular way to meet someone new.

Yet despite this, a small handful of people struggle with online dating. This could be for a multitude of reasons; they could be worried about fake profiles, or maybe they don’t feel like they are getting enough matches.

However there are lots of great reasons to stick with online dating! Here are six of our favourite reasons to stick with online dating.


1. 6 Reasons To Try Online Dating: It Makes Dating Easier For Shy People

Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking, especially for shy or introverted people. Meeting people online can make this situation much more pleasant, especially as in most instances you will online be talking to people who have matched you back. This is because you are only speaking to single people who are potentially interested in you. It also means you can take time to think about your replies, instead of having an on-the-spot conversation with a stranger.


2. It Is Cheaper

While most high quality dating websites do charge a small monthly fee, this is still much cheaper than dating in real life. Most one day matchmaking events cost more than one month on an online dating app, and it is certainly cheaper than a restaurant first date with someone your friend set you up with! So if you want to make sure someone is a good match before you meet up with them, online dating could be a good (and affordable) option for you.


3. You Can Try Online Dating Whenever

Online dating is available 24/7, which is ideal for people who work a lot or people with children. For instance, if you work over the weekend you may struggle to meet new people in person. A dating website lets you talk to people at any time of the day, so you can get to know potential dates whenever suits you.


4. You Can Meet Someone Safely

It can be difficult to know what someone is really like when you’ve barely spoken to them, but online dating gives you the opportunity to vet potential dates before you meet them in person. You can have multiple conversations to learn more about their personality. Our dating website also has a selection of verified members, which means they have sent in their ID to confirm who they really are. This makes the dating process even safer!


5. You May Feel Less Pressure

When you are talking to someone online, there is no pressure to reply right away. It is totally normal for people to wait a few hours before messaging someone back, especially if they have work or errands to run. This can take the pressure off talking to someone new, as it means you are totally in control of your responses.


6. It Is A Personal Matchmaker (Kind Of!)

Finally online dating is like a personal matchmaker. There are millions of people for you to choose from, which means you are less likely to date the same type of people again and again. Instead you can look for like-minded humans with similar values to you, so you are more likely to find someone who is a long-term match.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson