5 Things You Should Never Say On Your Dating Profile

5 Things You Should Never Say On Your Dating Profile

Online dating gives you the chance to have some fun and maybe even meet the love of your life, but it is important to stay safe online. There are thousands of people like you on dating websites, who want to find their soulmate, but there can also be a few people who may pose a threat.

From scammers to stalkers, there are lots of people online who you should avoid. If you want to make sure that you stay safe when you are online, here are five things you should never say on your dating profile.


1. Anything With A Tagged Location

Lots of people leave the location on their phone, which means that people who they have added can see where they are using various apps (such as Snapchat or Instagram). If you are speaking to someone from an online dating website and they ask for an app that uses location, hold off until you’re sure you trust them – and even then you should avoid tagging your location until you have spoken to the person and you feel that you know them well!


2. Your Address Or Hometown

Most people mention their city or state on their dating profile as this isn’t specific, but you should avoid including the name of the specific town or area you live in, and you definitely shouldn’t provide your address. This is because people you don’t know could use the information to try and find you in real life, which opens you up to potentially dangerous situations.


3. Information About Your Friends Or Family

When you first start talking to someone online it can be tempting to drop facts about your family and friends, such as their full name or where they work. Some people even send pictures of their friends and family, but you should avoid doing this during the first few conversations as you don’t know for sure who you are talking to.

Once you have Skyped or FaceTimed each other and you know that they are who they say they are, go ahead and send pictures to each other – but hold off until then!


4. Where You Work

It is normal to talk about your profession when you are getting to know someone, but you don’t need to tell them the specific location of your workplace until you know for sure that they are who they say they are. This is because people could use your workplace to find you, or they could try to contact your bosses.


5. Your Phone Number

Lots of people add their phone number to their dating profile, but this is a big mistake. Scammers may steal your number and sell it on, meaning that you end up receiving constant cold calls and annoying salespeople!

It is easy to have a wonderful online dating experience if you follow these tips to stay safe when you are online.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson