5 Things You Should Know By The Fifth Date

5 Things You Should Know By The Fifth Date

First dates can be very varied, but if you make it to the fifth date with someone there should be a few things that you know for sure. We’re not saying you should know if you want to marry them or not – but you should have a decent idea of what they are really like.

Here are five things you should definitely know by the fifth date.


1. 5 Things You Should Know By The Fifth Date: You Feel Like Yourself When You Are With Them

During the first few dates most people try to show their best self (which also means they often minimize their shortcomings), but by the fifth date you should feel comfortable enough to be yourself. After all, always trying to be the best version of yourself can take up a lot of energy, and if your crush really likes you they will accept you for who you are.


2. The Conversation Has Levelled Up

The conversation should also have levelled up by the fifth date. On the first date the conversation normally follows a fairly predictable script; “what is your job?” and “what do you like to do for fun?”, but by the fifth date the small talk should be in the past. Instead you should be talking about more meaningful, important subjects that matter to both of you – and ideally there should also be a good dose of laughter on every date!


3. You Think They Are Fun

Your think your date is a fun, interesting person. Remember that everyone has a different idea of what fun is, so this is different for everyone; it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are super loud or extroverted, it just means that have a good time when you are with them.


4. They Are Self Aware

One of the most important traits for a relationship is self-awareness and humility. Some people go through life blaming everyone else for their problems, and they struggle to look at their flaws and strengths realistically – and this can be very tough for their significant other. So look at your date and ask yourself; do they have humility? Are they self-aware? Can they accept when they are wrong?


5. You Share Some Values

Finally by the fifth date you and your crush should share some common values. This doesn’t mean that you need to have exactly the same opinions (as that would probably be pretty boring!), but there should be some common ground to bond you both. This will make it easier for you two to continue to connect with each other as time goes on.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson