5 Things You Didn’t Know About Prince George

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Prince George


The young Royal is both adorable and internationally famous. He has been on the cover of hundreds of magazines, and CNN devoted a 30 minute slot to show every video snippet of the toddler that they could find.

Prince George has even had a coin created in his honor by the Royal Mint, which you can purchase for around $1,100 – not very affordable! But how much do you actually know about the super cute Royal?

In honor of his third birthday, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Prince George.


1. He already has a few nicknames

His full name is George Alexander Louis, but he already has a few nicknames. Will and Kate’s close friends started to jokingly call him PG tips, which his parents later shortened to Tips. His granddad Prince Charles prefers to call him Georgie, which we think is adorable.

The media even have their own nickname for the little Royal, referring to the toddler as ‘cheeks’, as he looks a little like jowly leader Sir Winston Churchill. He definitely has squeezable cheeks!


2. He is a trendsetter

Prince George may only be three years old, but he is already a trendsetter. The clothes he wears on a day-to-day basis are regularly best sellers, as other parents buy the same items for their own children. He even wore a bespoke blue cashmere sweater with his name on for the official Royal spring photo. The sweater was made by the Welsh firm Corgi, and it was a gift from Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.


3. He loves to paint (Just like his Mom)

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed earlier this year that Prince George likes to paint with her. Kate has a degree in art history and she loves to paint, so she probably enjoys the activity as much as George – cute!


4. He is a rascal

According to Prince William, George is just like his daddy. “George is charging around and opens doors,” says William, who earned the nickname Basher in nursery after a few temper tantrums. Sources in a New Zealand nursery confirmed it, saying “His Royal prerogative shone through, however, when he took a shine to a Mary-Lou doll in possession of young Eden. He reached for the doll, and snatched it from Eden, before throwing it to the floor.”


5. He is having a fairly normal childhood

Despite the fact that he is one of the most famous toddlers in the world, Prince George is still living a fairly normal life. His parents regularly take him to the park so that he can experience a normal childhood. He is also left alone by the media, in exchange for appearing at regular, staged events so that the public can watch him growing up.

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