5 Things High Quality Men Don’t Do In Relationships

5 Things High Quality Men Don’t Do In Relationships

Most women want to fall in love with a high quality man. They want to find a true gentleman who treats them properly – but how exactly do you know when you’ve met a gentleman?

Normally you can tell by his actions when he is with you. Here are five things high quality men don’t do in relationships.


1. Things Quality Men Never Do In A Relationship: He Won’t Pull Apart Your Appearance

A gentleman will never pull apart your looks. He won’t say things like “if only you wore a little more makeup…” or “you’d look great if you started exercising more!”. Instead he will be complimentary and kind, and over time this will build up your self-esteem (instead of making you feel more insecure).


2. He Won’t Cheat On You

A good man will never cheat in a relationship (this includes both physical and emotional cheating). He understands that cheating means breaking a promise to someone he loves, and so he would never do it – even when times are tough. Instead he will try to fix the relationship, and if that doesn’t work he will end the relationship before pursuing a new woman.


3. He Won’t Disrespect You

Mutual respect is one of the most important factors in a relationship, and a high quality man understands that. He is always respectful towards his partner, even if there is a disagreement or a problem.


4. He Won’t Avoid Significant Conversations

Some people avoid important conversations in relationships because they are immature or they struggle with conflict, but this won’t be an issue with a high quality man. This is because a high-quality man understands that important conversations are an essential part of any healthy relationship – and avoiding the conversation will likely make any existing problems worse.

Of course this doesn’t mean that he is overly confrontational; in fact, he approaches all important conversations with a calm, positive attitude that makes it easier to solve any problems.


5. He Won’t Discourage You

Finally a true gentleman won’t discourage you in life; instead, he will support you every day. He will encourage you to chase your dreams and your goals, and he will never belittle you or insult you. This will help to build up your self-esteem and confidence (so that you are even more likely to achieve your dreams!).

Do you think that there are any other things high-quality men never do? If so, leave a comment to let us know!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson