5 Things He Might Be Hiding On His Dating Profile

5 Things He Might Be Hiding On His Dating Profile

Not everyone is honest when it comes to online dating. A recent study found that around 80% of people lie on their dating profile, so most people tell at least one lie on their dating profile – and it seems that men and women lie about different things.

Here are five things he might be hiding on his dating profile.


1. 5 Things He Might Be Hiding On His Dating Profile: His Career

Your match says on his profile that he is the CEO of a tech start-up – but does he own his own company, or does he just have a good idea for an app? Research has found that men are more likely than women to lie about their career, and this is partially because many women want a man with a good career and a stable income. So if you match with a guy and his job description is vague, consider asking him exactly what he does for a living.


2. How Tall He Is

There is a lot of pressure on men to be tall, so it probably isn’t a big surprise that some men lie about their height on their online dating profile. A recent study found that men who lie about their height tend to add two inches, which isn’t hugely significant – but if you really do care about height, it could be worth mentioning this early on.


3. His Intent

Not everyone who uses online dating is looking for a serious relationship. Many men just want to hook up or chat with people – and sadly they aren’t always honest about this. This could be because women are less likely to match with them if they say they don’t want anything serious, so if you want a long-term relationship, you may want to make this clear when you start talking to someone new.


4. His Availability

If you’re online dating, it is reasonable to assume the people you match with are single too, right? Not always. A recent study found that over 40% of Tinder users are already in a relationship, which is pretty disheartening… but thankfully it is easier to avoid these people if you use a reputable, paid dating site (such as Date British Guys). This is because people who pay for online dating services tend to be more serious about finding real love, so they are less likely to join if they already have a partner.


5. His Life Experiences

Finally some men lie about their life experiences online to seem more interesting and worldly. Maybe they will say that they love travelling, or maybe they will say they’ve tried sky diving; either way, they will exaggerate to seem more impressive. So if you match with someone who talks often about their interesting life experiences, feel free to ask if there are any pictures of the experiences!

While it can be frustrating to discover that so many people lie on their dating profiles, remember that the vast majority of these lies are tiny, white lies that won’t have a big impact on the relationship. Just focus on being honest on your own profile, and if you are unsure about a match then feel free to question them more to discover the truth.


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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson