5 Style Mistakes To Avoid On A Date

5 Style Mistakes To Avoid On A Date


First dates can be pretty nerve racking, and most people put a lot of thought into the date before it has even started.
What if the date is awkward? What food shall I order? What shall I wear?

While it is impossible to pre-plan everything for your date, you can decide what you want to wear. This will calm your pre-date nerves, and if you pick the right outfit it will help you to make a great first impression. On the other hand, a bad outfit can ruin the whole night. If you feel uncomfortable or over-dressed, it is likely that you will spend the whole night wishing that you could go home.

While there are no set fashion rules for dating, there are some tried and tested rules that everyone can follow. Here are 5 style mistakes to avoid on your date.


1. Outfits That Are Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Some people think that a date is the perfect time to trial a new look, but this often leaves them feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Of course you can still wear something that is interesting and unique; if you have a statement dress or top that you love, wear it as it will make you feel confident and happy!

However, most people feel a little self-conscious or uncomfortable at the beginning of a date, and a totally new style can amplify those feelings. We recommend that you wear something that you think is beautiful and fashionable, but make sure that it is a tried-and-tested design or style that you know you will look good in.


2. Dressing For The Wrong Date

No-one wants to turn up to a hiking date in a LBD and heels! Make sure that you know exactly what you are doing on the date so that you can wear appropriate clothing. This way you won’t feel over-dressed or under-dressed, and you won’t be too cold or too warm.

Although you might be tempted to wear your sequinned maxi dress to a date at the pub, it might be worth saving it for a fancier event. If you are over-dressed you might give off the impression that you are high maintenance, which is rarely seen as an appealing trait. It is also possible that your date will start to feel uncomfortable if you seem uncomfortable yourself.


3. Wearing Clothes That Aren’t Fresh

Often people are tempted to wear their favorite clothes on a date, even if they aren’t freshly washed. After all, the reason why they aren’t washed is because they are flattering and stylish, so they get worn all the time. You may think that they look clean, but that doesn’t mean that they smell clean – and it’s possible that you won’t notice a stain on them until you are already on the date! Unclean clothes also make it clear that you didn’t make an effort for the date.

If you know you want to wear your favorite jeans on your date, make sure that they are washed in advance. This way you will feel confident, sexy – and most importantly clean.


4. Wearing Something Ill-Fitting

A date is supposed to be fun and exciting, so you shouldn’t put yourself through the misery of wearing an outfit that doesn’t fit well. Don’t wear an outfit that makes you feel like you need to suck your stomach in, as you will end up focusing on that instead of the date. Tonight is about you feeling beautiful and happy, not self-conscious!


5. Worrying Too Much About What To Wear

We’ve already mentioned that dates can be stressful, and you don’t need to make that stress worse by spending lots of time worrying about what to wear. The person who is going on a date with you is doing so because they think that you are attractive and interesting – not because they love your fashion sense.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson