5 Signs That Show You Are Ready For A Relationship

5 Signs That Show You Are Ready For A Relationship

Lots of people think that they are ready for a relationship, but in reality they are stuck in an unhealthy dating pattern. This stops them from finding a happy relationship, even though that’s exactly what they want.

If you feel like you are ready for a relationship, there are a few signs that will let you know if you are as serious about a relationship as you think you are. From being excited about the idea of dating to having an open mindset, here are five signs that show that you are ready for a relationship.


1. You Feel Positive About Dating

When you think about dating you feel happy. You don’t feel negative, stressed or pessimistic; instead you are enthusiastic about the idea of meeting someone new and building up to a relationship. To you dating is a fun experience, not a chore.


2. You Can Make Time For A Relationship

Most people are fairly busy, but you know that you can make time in your life for a relationship. You are more than happy to rearrange your day to spend some time talking to the person that you like, and this shows that you are willing to actually invest time and effort into getting to know someone.


3. You Don’t Have A List Of Requirements

You have ditched your list of requirements; you no longer care if your date is older than you or younger than you, and you don’t care if they live over half an hour away. You just want to meet someone who can make you happy on a daily basis, and you realise that a list of requirements could make it harder for you to find someone who you really like.


4. You’re Fine With Being Single

You would like to meet someone, but you don’t hate being single. After all, you’d rather be single than be with the wrong person! You’re totally happy to go to events alone or with your friends, and when you are alone you enjoy your own company – you’d just like to meet the right person when the time is right.


5. You Feel Positive About The Future

You don’t know when you will find love, and this doesn’t worry you as you are confident that love will happen someday. And when they do show up… you will be ready to snap them up!

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