5 Signs That Indicate Your Date Is Too Intense

5 Signs That Indicate Your Date Is Too Intense

Dating can be a bit of a grey area, so it can be difficult to work out what behavior is normal and what isn’t. Sometimes people can take advantage of this situation by acting overly intense and trying to push the situation forward, and often the other person will just go along with it because they are not sure if the behaviour is normal or pushy.

If you think that your date is too intense, you may be right. Many people struggle with being overly intense, and if you are dating someone like this you may feel pressured to start a relationship before you are ready.

Here are 5 signs that indicate that your date is too intense.


1. They Show Intense Emotions Too Quickly

Most people are fairly guarded when they first start dating someone as they want to show off the best version of themselves, and they also want to avoid being hurt. This is normal behaviour, but sometimes overly intense people can skip this part and go straight to showing every part of themselves – including the negative parts, such as anger, bitterness and hopelessness.


2. They Claim They Have Very Strong Feelings For You

You have only been dating for a while but they are already implying that they have very strong feelings for you. Maybe they are asking you to define the relationship, or maybe they are dropping the L word; either way this is unrealistic behaviour. No-one should be planning a future with someone they don’t know very well yet!


3. They Frequently Make Plans For The Future

If you like someone a lot it is normal to think about future dates together, but your date may be overly intense if they are trying to plan events that are months away, such as holidays or festivals. This is negative behaviour as it puts pressure on you to verbally commit to long-term plans, when in reality you should just be taking it a day at a time until you are certain that you are ready to be in a relationship.


4. They Are Physically Intense

Lots of people show intensity physically; maybe they always hold your hand in public, or maybe they always try to grab you when you move away. Unlike most other things on this list none of this is necessarily negative, but it can indicate that your date is a very intense person.


5. They Have A Track Record

When they talk about their past relationships they say that their partner was cold or disinterested in the relationship, and they paint themselves as the victim – and this hasn’t just happened once. Most of their relationships have ended for similar reasons, and they don’t believe that their behavior is ever to blame.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson