5 Signs That Indicate They Are Stringing You Along

5 Signs That Indicate They Are Stringing You Along

It is very frustrating wondering if your crush likes you or not. You could talk to the other person every day, but if you don’t know where you stand there is always a chance that they are stringing you along.

No-one wants to be strung along, especially if they develop strong feelings for the other person. It can leave you feeling distrustful and uncertain about future romances, and if it happens repeatedly it could put you off dating altogether.

Thankfully it is fairly easy to work out if someone is stringing you along. Here are 5 signs that indicate that the person you like is stringing you along.


1. You Talk A Lot But Rarely Make Plans

Your crush messages and texts you regularly to talk about his day and flirt, but they rarely make an effort to make actual plans with you – and when you try to make plans, they stop replying as quickly. This indicates that they like attention and affection, but they are not interested in anything serious.


2. They Are Too Busy To See Or Skype You

If your crush can’t find one hour each week to hang out (or hang out via Skype if you live in different countries), they probably aren’t interested in you. Lots of people are very busy, but if someone is interested in you they will be able to find some time to spend with you.


3. They Don’t Speak To You Frequently

Your crush will message you constantly for days, but then they will drop off the face of the earth for days or weeks at a time. You’re left wondering if you did something wrong, but then they reappear with a flirty message. You may be tempted to assume that they were just too busy to talk to you, but in reality they are just too lazy to make an effort with you (and if you text them back every time, you are telling them that you accept this kind of behaviour!).


4. When You Are Together It Is Great (But That Doesn’t Move Anything Forward)

Your crush may struggle to meet up with you regularly, but when they do they are all over you. It makes you feel great and you love how friendly and affectionate they are, but then they leave and the same problems continue.


5. They Never Invite You Out

Your crush regularly talks about birthdays, parties, gatherings and work and family events that they will be attending, but they never invite you. You’re also not sure if his friends or family know about you.


6. They Are More Affectionate If They Think You May Leave

Normally people string other people along because they like the attention and affection, so if you become distant it is likely that they will up their game and give you more attention – but they still won’t spend more time with you or commit to dating each other or being in a relationship. This is because they like the current casual situation and they want it to continue.


7. They Contact You When They Feel Low

They text you after a tough day in the office, and you assume that this means you have a bond with each other – but in reality they look to you for an ego boost when they are feeling down.


8. They Don’t Like Labels

The oldest excuse in the book for stringing someone along!

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