5 Reasons To Visit America

5 Reasons To Visit America


If you’re planning a visit to the States, you’ll be spoilt for choice – there are so many wonderful things to do and places to see. Here we give you 5 of the best reasons to visit the States.


1. The Food

As well as being known for their great restaurant service, North America has some of the best food in the world, coming in portion sizes so big you’re guaranteed to have enough left to take home. In addition to the USA’s own delicious inventions, including macaroni cheese and hot dogs, the culture means there is an unlimited selection of food from around the world. Wherever you are, from a 50s style diner to a baseball game, there is sure to be something which will satisfy your appetite!


2. The Theme Parks

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, or even if you just enjoy the fun, leisurely vibe of a theme park, then the States is a great place to visit. In America there is an extensive list of amusement parks, with such a wide range of attractions that you will be able to find the park for you whatever your requirements. From Disneyland to Six Flags to the Universal Studios, the Americans sure know how to do theme parks.



3. The Cost

Everyone likes value for money, and you will definitely get it in the USA. Most things in the USA are cheaper than in Britain, from petrol for your car to an iPad. If you’re a fan of shopping or are looking to get presents for people back home, in the States you can get a huge variety of great stuff without breaking the bank.


4. The Friendly People

Americans are known for being approachable and friendly; whenever you go you will most likely be made to feel welcome. It’s impossible to pull out a map without a smiling stranger offering to help with directions – and don’t be alarmed if someone strikes up a conversation on public transport – that’s pretty normal in the USA! It’s perfectly common across the pond for strangers to talk to you as if they have known you for years and Americans also tend to be pretty good at keeping in touch. You never know – a longer visit to America may result in you meeting some long term friends, or even something more.


5. The Landmarks

Because the USA is so large there are lots of different landmarks to visit, and every State has something to see. You could spend a lifetime exploring famous sights across the pond and you still wouldn’t see it all. From the Hollywood sign to the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon, there is something for everyone. Even better if you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer; you’re sure to get a good Instagram pic in the States!



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