5 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid Making

5 Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid Making

Online dating is just like any other form of dating – if you make a mistake, it will be harder to find a partner. Making these mistakes can leave you feeling confused, drained and ignored, so it is important to be aware of them so you can avoid them.


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  1. Online dating mistakes: Don’t post an old or edited picture

Everyone has a favorite picture of themselves; normally one where your skin looks youthful and your hair is perfectly styled. Maybe the picture has a filter on it to bring out the blue in your eyes. Sadly, most people don’t look this way in day-to-day life.

Instead upload a picture of you in your day-to-day life, spending time with friends or doing a hobby. This way potential dates can see a realistic representation of you!


  1. Don’t message too many people

Juggling lots of people could mean you accidentally lose someone amazing, as you may be too busy focusing on messaging someone else. It can also be overwhelming to maintain so many conversations – many people stop logging on as the process starts to feel like work.

If you only message a few people, you can really get to know them, making it easier for you to find a match.


  1. Don’t message lots of people with the same introduction

Writing one introduction and sending it to lots of potential dates could actually stop you from landing a date – it comes across as impersonal, and the other person may think you didn’t take the time to read their profile.

It is better to create individual introductions for each member so that you can create a connection. For instance, you could mention any mutual hobbies or interests to get the ball rolling!


  1. Don’t use bad spelling and grammar

Some people don’t mind bad spelling and grammar, but for other people it is a huge turn-off.

Many people feel that poor spelling and grammar indicate a low level of intelligence – and it also comes across as lazy. It doesn’t take long to type out a correctly spelled sentence, and it could be the difference between getting a date and getting rejected. If you struggle with spelling, switch on your spell-checker so that you don’t miss out!


  1. Don’t go overboard on the first date

It feels great to arrange your first meet-up with someone from a dating site, but don’t get over-excited and spend too much money. If you get into the habit of spending a lot on every first date, your bank balance will feel the pinch. Keep things low-key and inexpensive by grabbing a coffee or brunch.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson