5 Interesting Dating Traditions From The Past (Part Two)

5 Interesting Dating Traditions From The Past (Part Two)

Modern dating is very different to dating in the past. Our modern dating traditions include their own staples, such as online dating, texting, and busy nightclubs during the weekend. But would you prefer modern dating to dating traditions of the past?

Dating traditions in the past were very different to modern day dating. From women on Ferris wheels to sheathing swords, here are 5 of the most interesting dating traditions from the past.


1. A Secret Language For Lovers

The Kickapoo tribe of Mexico have a great whistling tradition. You won’t catch a man wolf-whistling at a woman to get her attention – but you will see couples whistling together. It is a normal practice for couples to communicate in whistles to arrange their evening plans, so that they don’t announce their romantic plans to the whole village.


2. Fighting With The Pandanus Plant

In the Balinese village of Tenganan, there is a love festival called Usaba Sambah Festival every May. The festival is a coming-of-age event for all the unmarried men in the village, and they attract the ladies by fighting against each other in an arena. They hit each other with the thorny leaves of the pandanus plant, and they use bamboo shields to protect themselves. While this happens, the eligible women watch from a foot-powered Ferris Wheel – yes, you read that right.


3. A Sword To Show Love

In 19th century Finland, eligible girls would wear empty sheaths over their clothes. If a man was interested in marrying her, he would put his sword into her sheath. If she didn’t like him, she would return it, and if she kept it, she accepted his proposal for marriage. Oh, the innuendo!


4. The Tradition Of Omiai

In Japan, some people still follow the ancient, time-honored practice of omiai. To outsiders it may seem like arranged marriage, but the process is actually far more complicated. The official match-maker does a lot of research into the future bride and groom, including a background check. Their families even undergo background checks!

If everything checks out, pictures will be exchanged. This complicated process helps to ensure that the couple are well-matched for the future.


5. No Wedding Ceremonies

Love was very simple in ancient Egypt. If a man and a woman liked each other, it was tradition to move into the same house and live together. Once they had moved in, they were married. No ceremony, no money, no fuss – simple!


Which tradition is your favorite? Let us know with a comment!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson