5 Flirting Moves To Avoid

5 Flirting Moves To Avoid

Do you think that you have good flirting moves? Some people seem to be naturally skilled when it comes to flirting, charming everyone they are attracted to, but other people struggle more. They set out to impress someone by flirting, but end up accidentally pushing them away.

If you can relate to this, don’t worry. Here are five flirting moves that you should avoid making if you meet someone you like.


5 Flirting Moves To Avoid

1. Being Too Hard To Get

One of the most famous flirting tactics is playing hard to get, but in reality this is a fairly risky flirting move. Lots of people go too far with the move, and this ends up turning the other person off; most people don’t want to chase someone who doesn’t seem interested, especially if they only recently met the person through an online dating website.


2. Being Too Nice

Being nice is just a part of being a decent person, so it shouldn’t really be used a flirting technique… but a lot of people try being overly nice to other people to try and attract them. This is rarely effective as being overly nice can come across as intense, putting pressure on the other person to feel attracted to you. This can even make you look a little desperate, so avoid using being nice as a flirting technique, and instead just be nice for the sake of being nice.


3. Trying To Move Too Fast

It is normal to feel excited about the future when you start seeing someone new, but don’t get ahead of yourself by moving too fast. Lots of people like to move slowly, so if you move too fast you may scare them. It is totally fine to fantasise about your future together, but try to keep it to yourself when you first start dating!


4. Trying To Buy The Other Person’s Love

Everyone likes to receive gifts, but gift giving isn’t really flirting – and if you spend money to win someone over, you may end up in a relationship with someone who will try to take advantage of your kindness or your money.


5. Being Too Physically Intimate

Some people like holding hands, cuddling and generally being affectionate, but other people much prefer to keep the intimacy for private moments. For this reason you should avoid being too physically intimate with your date as a form of flirting, as this could actually make them feel awkward and uncomfortable, rather than appreciated and valued.

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