5 Awesome Leeds Date Ideas

5 Awesome Leeds Date Ideas

Do you have a big date coming up in the British city of Leeds? Do you want to make sure that your date is impressed by the evening? If so, we can help. Here are 5 awesome Leeds date ideas.


1. 5 Awesome Leeds Date Ideas: The Watermark Bar

The Watermark Bar is a relatively new cocktail bar in Leeds. The bar has a peaceful, relaxed vibe that is ideal for a first date, and you don’t need to worry about the music being too loud, as there is a cosy upstairs bar where you will definitely be able to hear each other.

As you relax you can order delicious cocktails, fine wines, beers or a simple Guinness. There is also a food menu with cheese and meat boards if you feel peckish – and finally the bar serves crumpets, which is the perfect snack for any British man!


2. Leeds Art Gallery

If you want an affordable first date that will be memorable, head to the Leeds Art Gallery. Dating can be very expensive, but Leeds Art Gallery is free to enter – and there are hundreds of pieces of art to check out inside, including art from Auguste Rodin and Anthony Gormley. There is also a beautiful hall café where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat.


3. Stuzzi Italian Restaurant

If you want a more traditional date, Stuzzi Italian Restaurant is a great choice. The venue is seriously breath-taking; there are floor to ceiling windows, beautiful vintage walls and lots and lots of plants. The food is also delicious, and the menu is always changing so there is always something new to check out. The wine list is also excellent!


4. Jackrabbits Pottery

You could also consider taking your date to a pottery class if you want to do something a little bit different. This will give you something to talk about if you are feeling nervous, and you will have a memento from your date if it goes well!


5. The Kitty Cafe

If you and your date rare both cat lovers you could show them The Kitty Café. There are 22 cats at this café, so there is always something to look at (or stroke!), and there are lots of delicious cakes to nibble on while you watch the kitties.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson