4 Signs That Indicate They’re A Serial Cheater

4 Signs That Indicate They’re A Serial Cheater

It can be difficult to work out someone’s intentions when you first start dating them. This is because not everyone is honest when they are dating, and this is especially true for serial cheaters. Instead of telling their date that they are not ready for something serious, they give their crush hope that a serious relationship is on the horizon – but in reality, they continue to date other people.

This can cause a lot of emotional pain, but you can avoid this by looking out for the signs of a serial cheater.

Here are four signs that indicate they’re a serial cheater.


1. They Only Want To Focus On Having A Good Time

Serial cheaters tend to only focus on having a good time. They rarely want to talk about serious, important topics, and this is because serious conversations can lead to reassurance, setting expectations and making promises – which is a serial cheater’s worst nightmare!

Initially it can be fun to hang around with someone who only seems to care about having a good time. However over time they may start to make you feel bad for bringing up serious topics, which is because they don’t want to have to confirm or express their feelings for you.


2. They Are Very Charming

It is very rare to date someone who is never awkward or nervous – but if your crush is always charming and funny, it could be because they are a professional dater. Professional daters constantly match with new people and start new connections, and they are a pro at first dates – but they never actually settle down with anyone.


3. They Are Flaky

Does your crush regularly cancel on plans at the last minute? Do they say they will text you, only to ignore you for a few days? If so, your date could be a serial dater. Remember that it isn’t hard to keep plans or text someone back, especially if you are attracted to them.


4. All Of Their Ex’s Were The Problem

Your crush frequently talks about how their previous partners didn’t understand them, or how they were controlling or manipulative. Of course it is normal to have one or two bad relationships – but if every relationship is bad, it is likely that your date is actually the problem. And your date doesn’t want to admit this; instead they want to live in denial, playing the victim.

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