4 Bad Habits You Should Avoid When Dating

4 Bad Habits You Should Avoid When Dating

Dating someone new is normally very exciting. You have someone to talk to and flirt with, and there is a chance that there will be a long-term relationship in your future – but if you have bad dating habits, you may find that you never make it to the relationship stage.

There are lots of bad dating habits out there, and many times the person doesn’t realise that they are behaving in an unhealthy way. This can make dating difficult for them, but thankfully it possible to avoid bad dating habits.

Here are four bad habits you should avoid when you start dating someone new.


1. Expecting Your Date To Always Initiate Communication And Affection

If you always wait for your partner to send the first text, or make the first move in the bedroom, your partner may feel like they do all the work. They may also question if you really like them, so this is definitely a bad habit to avoid.

If you do this, it could be because you are scared of being vulnerable. After all, no-one likes the idea of putting themselves out there and being rejected – but if you are dating, this is a chance you must be willing to take. It is unreasonable to expect your date to put their heart on the line if you are not willing to do the same thing.


2. Being Clingy

If you feel sad or lonely when your partner is busy, or if you constantly contact your partner to check in with them, you might be being clingy. It can be tempting to think that being clingy is showing love, but in reality this is far from the case. Real, healthy love means understanding your partner and their life – it doesn’t mean that you become their whole life.

If you think that you might be clingy when you start dating, try to focus on yourself and your own life. Are there any new hobbies you could start? Any friends you’ve been meaning to speak to? Remember that your life can be just as busy and entertaining as your partner’s life.


3. Snooping Through Your Date’s Phone

If you look on your partner’s phone and don’t find anything, you may feel secure for a while – but the fact that you checked the phone in the first place shows that you don’t really trust your date. After all, if you did, you wouldn’t be violating their privacy!

It can be hard to trust new people, especially if you had an ex who lied frequently, but your new date is a totally different person. They deserve your trust if they haven’t done anything to break it – and if you really don’t feel like you can trust them, you should probably stop seeing each other. This will give you the chance to work on your trust issues – or it will give you the chance to meet someone who you actually trust.


4. Teasing Too Much

There’s nothing wrong with a joke – but jokes can go too far. When this happens the joke stop being fun and flirty; instead it becomes critical or insensitive, and it hurts the feelings of the person you are dating.

If you think that you might tease too much, try to be more aware of your partner’s limits. You can still joke around together, but you don’t have to joke about sensitive subjects.

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