3 Signs You Should Stop Dating

3 Signs You Should Stop Dating

If you are emotionally happy, dating can be a lot of fun. You get the chance to meet new people and have new experiences, and eventually you will find someone who you really want to be with.

But if you are emotionally unhappy…. Dating can be extremely difficult. It can result in multiple rejections, and it can make you question if you want to be in a relationship or not. So if you emotionally unhappy, you should take a break from dating to focus on yourself – but how do you know if this applies to you?

Here are three signs that indicate that you should consider taking a break from dating.


1. You’ve Had Four Or More Bad Dating Experiences Over The Last Year

If you have spent weeks or months seeing a person – and this happened four or more times over the last year – it could mean that you need to take break from dating. This is because the constant break ups can be emotionally exhausting, but that isn’t all; it could also mean that you are in rebound mode.

Lots of people fall into rebound mode. After all, it makes it easier to move on if you are dating someone new! However this isn’t the right way to find a partner, as you are mostly dating them to replace someone else. Instead it is much better to take some time out from dating to focus on yourself – and then, when you are completely over your exes, you can start to think about dating again.


2. You Are Extremely Insecure

Everyone has insecurities, but if you are an extremely insecure person who constantly thinks about their flaws you may want to think about pausing your dating life. This is because people who are very insecure often look to their partner for constant reassurance, rather than actually working on the issues that cause them to feel insecure. This means that the problem doesn’t actually get solved – and over time, the partner might start to feel suffocated and unhappy.

Remember that it is possible to move past your insecurities; you just need to need to learn to love yourself.


3. You Think Everything Is About You

All humans are selfish on some level, but when it comes to relationships it is important to prioritize both people’s feelings. If one partner constantly focuses on their own feelings the other partner will start to feel isolated and ignored, and this can lead to an unhappy relationship or a break up.

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