3 Dating Tips You Should Ignore

3 Dating Tips You Should Ignore

There is no shortage of dating tips on our blog, and they can all help to improve your love life. However, not every tip you read online should be trusted. In fact, lots of dating advice is misguided, or even worse… downright wrong!

This is because a lot of dating advice is based on personal experience and opinion, rather than actual research about dating and relationships. So if you want to avoid bad dating advice, you’re in the right place.

Here are three common dating tips that are misguided or wrong.


1. You’ll Know Straight Away When You Meet The Right Person

One of the most inaccurate dating tips is that when you meet the right person, you will somehow know straight away. Sure, the idea of love at first sight is pretty romantic… but when you really think about it, it is also very shallow. Personality is an essential part of a working relationship, so it is impossible to know for sure before you speak to each other – and even then, love takes time. Research from the Netherlands has found that the initial feeling of attraction is nearly always lust, so be careful with your feelings when you meet someone new.


2. Play Hard To Get

Lots of magazines and relationship advice websites tell people that they should play hard to get if they want to attract someone, but this isn’t always a great move. While you should never focus all of your attentions on your new crush, if you like someone you should make it clear to them. Research has found that most people won’t pursue someone if they don’t show a clear interest, so it is important to show your crush how you feel.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to constantly text or message them; if you are at work, wait until you have finished. Just don’t take five days to reply, or your crush may give up and start talking to someone new!


3. Most People Using Online Dating Are Liars

Some people are certain that most people online lie about themselves, so they avoid online dating completely – but this can be a big mistake. While there are a few liars online, in general most people who take the time to set up an online dating profile are looking for a real relationship. Website moderators will also remove any profiles with suspicious activity.

So if you want to meet someone but you’re worried about online dating, consider trying a reputable site such as Date British Guys. This means that you can only chat to members who have verified their profile using ID – so you can be safe in the knowledge that they are definitely who they say they are.

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