10 Tips To Improve Your Flirting Skills

10 Tips To Improve Your Flirting Skills

Some people are great at flirting; they are charming and genuine, and they know exactly the perfect time to drop a compliment. Sadly most people are pretty bad at flirting!

Thankfully modern flirting is a lot simpler than it used to be. Hair flicks, one-liners and batting your eyelashes are no longer effective ways to charm someone; in fact lots of people see these moves as out-dated and off-putting.

Instead modern flirting focuses on the physical side of things. If you want to increase your physical attractiveness, here are 5 flirting techniques that you can use to impress your date.


1. Stay At Arm’s Length

Research has found that how close you stand to the other person can hugely affect their overall impression of you. If you stand too close to the other person they may feel slightly intimidated, or they may think that you are pushy or too forward.

The best place to stand is about an arm’s length away from them. This way you can hear each other clearly and it is obvious that you are having a conversation, and the other person won’t be inclined to step away. It also makes you seem like a socially-aware person who respects other people’s boundaries.


2. Focus On Your Posture

Humans are attracted to body language, so it is important to stand up tall so that you seem approachable and confident. If you slouch forward and look at the floor people may assume that you want to be left alone, or that you are in a bad mood. If you are talking to someone attractive stand up straight and make an effort to mirror their body language, so that they know you are interested in them.


3. Think Of Specific Compliments

Generic compliments like “You are very beautiful” or “I love your smile” may seem charming, but it might not impress your date as it isn’t specific. People are much more likely to be flattered by a compliment that is specific to them such as “I love the way that you dress” or “I like how calm and collected you are when things get stressful”.


4. Make Casual Physical Contact

Making casual physical contact with someone that you find attractive is a great way to let them know that you are interested in them. Simply try to touch them in a casual way at least once an hour; too much touching can be invasive and pushy, but a small amount is perfect. Try tapping their shoulder when you meet up, and giving them a long hug when you leave. You can also try touching their hand or waist when you are walking and talking; this is subtle but it will make it clear that you are interested in them!


5. Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact with a stranger for over two minutes has been found to increase feelings of love for each other, so this is a great way to increase the attraction between you and another person. While prolonged eye contact can be creepy, a few shared glances while you talk to each other will increase the feeling of intimacy between both of you.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson