15 Romantic Fall Date Ideas

15 Romantic Fall Date Ideas


Lots of people think that summer is the best season for dating, but fall is also a wonderful time to get close to someone new. The crisp fall air makes fall the perfect time to find someone to snuggle up to, and there are lots of seasonal events that you and your date can go to together.

It is also the perfect time to make the most of the outdoors; the leaves falling make the world seem more beautiful and romantic, and soon winter will arrive and the weather will turn cold and dark. If you’re planning on going on a date this fall, here are 15 fall date ideas to inspire you.


1. Visit the Pumpkin Patch together. You can take the pumpkins back to your house so that you can carve them together – and then you can roast the leftover pumpkin seeds! This is a great way to make a date last all day, and it doesn’t cost much!

2. Go apple picking. This is a great way to spend some time alone together, and the scenery will be beautiful. Afterwards you can take the apples home to make apple pie, or you can eat them on the walk home together.

3. Make fall-themed cookies. You can try making cookies in the shape of pumpkins or witches hats, and this is the perfect first date as it doesn’t leave room for awkwardness.

4. Play in the leaves. The leaves in fall are absolutely gorgeous, and you can do this in your back yard or your local park. We recommend the park; this way you can also enjoy a romantic, scenic walk.

5. Explore a corn maze together. This is a seasonal date that you can only do once a year, and it is the perfect idea for a first date. As you are alone, you get the chance to learn more about each other and bond, but there is an added fun element – but be careful not to get lost!

6. Go to a festival or the County Fair. Most County Fairs and Fall Festivals are fairly cheap, so this isn’t an expensive date. You can wander around together, trying out warm drinks and snacks.

7. Make a fort for two. When the weather starts to get cold and dark, the perfect thing to do is make a fort. Use couches, tables and chairs to pop the fort up, and add fairy lights for a cosy, romantic feel. Bring in a bottle of wine and you will have a wonderful evening.

8. Host a costume party. Halloween is the perfect time of year to host a costume party – and you and your date can even wear matching costumes. Ask your date to come around early to help you put up decorations; this way you get to have a date and a party on the same night!

9. Go zip-lining. If you and your date are adventurous types, go zip-lining through nature. The scenery will be stunning during fall – and it is guaranteed to be a memorable date.

10. Make a Bonfire. Buy some marshmallows that you can roast together afterwards – and don’t forget to put on warm clothes.

11. Watch a scary movie. Buy some snacks, get a blanket and watch a scary movie – it is the perfect opportunity to get close to your date, and scary films are always better when it is near to Halloween.

12. Have a board game night. When the weather is cold, it is nice to snuggle inside with some candles. Ask your date to bring their favorite board game over and you can play it together.

13. Have a Thermos picnic. Head to your local park during the afternoon with a Thermos picnic of soup and coffee. They will help to keep you warm, even if the weather is cold.

14. Go for a Pumpkin Latte Date. This is the perfect date for two people who are busy; you can do it at any time of the day, and it doesn’t take too long.

15. Make Gingerbread houses. If you like to cook in the kitchen, try your hand at building a gingerbread house together. It will keep you occupied for hours; and if it works it will look great!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson